Faction Kings NEEDED!!!!!

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Faction Kings NEEDED!!!!!

Post  william9609 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:43 am

I am william9609. Me and Fang has been working on our new server project "World of Minecraft", we are not far from done, but we need kings 2 of them, mabey more later if we want to change the factions to races. We currently got 2 factions Alliance and Horde just like real wow. Apply here on this thread.

PS. The king gotta play much on our server and he cant log out if we say Horde is storming stormwind(Alliance main city) cause then Horde will never achieve killing him, the king will have to send his skin to me and ill fix a golden crown for him, If anyone else than the kings is seen with a golden crown they will be banned. Fang is Horde jsut so you know, i am none of 'em cause i am just fixing server right now i will decide what to be later.

Apply here


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